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Losing your hair? - Learn about all types of hair loss treatments ranging from hair transplants, hair loss products and non surgical hair restoration techniques


hair in a combs, first signs of losing your hair?Are you as man or women suffering from hair loss or thinning hair? If so do not feel alone, thousands of hair loss sufferers exist in every town and in every country around the world

American Academy of DermatologyA diagnoses from a hair loss professional or dermatologist is always recommended before embarking on any hair loss treatment or surgical hair restoration procedure. The American Academy of Dermatology is a good places to find dermatologist who can evaluate your hair loss condition.

Hair loss scaleThe first thing you need to to is to lean more about the causes of hairloss also collectively known as Alopecia. Male Pattern Baldness or MPB is the most common type of hair loss afflicting most men at some point in their life.

If you are losing your hair in the traditional male pattern you can evaluate your own hair loss pattern by consulting these chart

If you are a woman losing your hair then you can check the female hairloss scales that determine the level of diffuse hair loss that you may have.



follicular unti containing hair foliclesA hair transplant or surgical hair restoration is a procedure where follicles are surgically removed from one part of the scalp or body and transplanted to another part of the scalp where the area is balding.

Hair Transplant surgery is like all cosmetic procedure where a good result is permanent and a and result is also permanent Its important to research a hair transplant doctor and all the pros and cons of hair transplantation before deciding to have any surgery done.

Web sites like HairTransplant.Net enable you to have a live online consultation with hair transplant surgeons to evaluate your hair loss consultation as to see if hair transplants are an option for you.

Reading other people's hairtransplant questions and answers are also helpful as they may be useful in your search for information about surgical hair restoration

Another excellent source is information presented by hair transplant doctors at medical conferences which outlines new hair transplant techniques like FUE and body hair transplantation.


For someone who has just started to lose their hair, hairloss products like Rogaine and Propecia may be the idea solution. These hair loss products are FDA approved and are proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Other natural hair loss treatments that contain herbs like Saw Palmetto to help eliminate DHT are also available. Topical hair loss products like Revivogen offer help for hairloss sufferers with no side effects associated with hair loss drugs

Since there are a lot of hair loss scams consumers are advised to research carefully and not just buy any product purely based on testimonials on the internet. There are thousands of phony "hair loss cures" that to little to nothing to stop hairloss or regrow lost hair.

wig also know as a hairpiece or systemPeople with long term hair loss who are severely bald usually have very little success with hair loss products and are best suited to hair transplants or to non-surgical hair replacement or hair systems to conceal their baldness. Alternatively shaving ones head is also an option for men these days.


Almost every person losing their hair has a question they would like to have answered. If you have some general hair loss questions or specific questions about hair transplants, hair products, or hairsystems, you can visit our hairloss FAQ section to see if your your question has already been answered by a hair loss expert or doctor.

PubMed features scientific  articles and hair loss studiesIf you are interested in the latest research on hair cloning, gene therapy and new hair loss drugs you can browse the thousands of research studies available on

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Talk to other hair loss suffers in the Hair Loss Help forums. You can get general hair loss information, information about hair transplants, and learn about hair loss products.

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